Our music and writing originate from a project directly guided by openness and awareness with ourselves. To reach these states of consciousness and to make the mind harmonious with body and spirit many tools are available. The music channel is one of the primordial methods that exist to connect with the source and be able to awaken through the sense of hearing the stagnant emotions that weigh in the vital energy and thus the psychophysical and energetic well-being of the person involved.
Le Arcane 01Art is a gift. When you are in connection with your inner world, it gives rise to an irresistible flow of creativity in its variety of forms and images
It becomes a joyful passion, it feels fulfilled, for the simple reason that spirit can experience. As such, you can delightfully give birth to your creations and make them real, visible, tangible to every human being.

Any creation flows from the encounter with your mood and with what you want to communicate outside as a message. The gifts are infinite, and when lightness touches your heart and settles there, love and art arise.
Here is how this cascade of music comes out, ancestral songs and scriptures…the channeling lies solely in the heart and the soul expands and does not find shelter in the tired mind. That is where the name "LE ARCANE" originates.

Where everything takes shape, where the notes take emotions and touch obscure, ancient vibration, where scents blow gently on the flow of the images produced by your being, where everything is divinely magical and you can let yourself go fluctuating and savor your raising energy.
Get rid of your knots that twist the true essence. Savor the magnificence of this world by listening to unheard sounds where the Spirit echoes with great expansiveness. Music transcends and channels messages accompanies every human on the steps of various interior dimensions.

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